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There are 4 SoundTaxi editions


SoundTaxi Platinum

  • SoundTaxi Platinum is the basic edition of the program. With this edition you can easily and fast convert your audio files to one of the commonly used formats (MP3, M4A, WMA or WAV).The program converts 2 files at the same time and has maximum audio conversion speed 6X.

SoundTaxi Professional

  • SoundTaxi Professional is an extended edition of the program. This edition allows converting up to 16 files simultaneously with conversion speed up to 50X.
The actual conversion speed depends on your PC performance. Professional edition installation also includes audio CD Ripper and CD Burner.

SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip

  • SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip is the unlimited edition including unlimited audio conversion, video conversion, audio CD Ripper, CD Burner and free bonus - YouTube Ripper.
Any video or audio file that can be played on your computer will be converted at ultra fast speed. And there is no difference if your files are DRM protected or not. Output formats for audio are MP3, M4A, WMA & WAV, for video - MP4, WMV & AVI.

SoundTaxi Media Suite

  • SoundTaxi Media Suite is a complete solution that contains all 6 of our cool software products.

Media Suite will give you the power and functionality of the most complete editions of:

  • SoundTaxi - convert protected or unprotected audio and video
  • RipTiger - download online video and TV
  • TuneGet - download free mp3s
  • RadioGet - listen to and record internet radio
  • 1Step DVD Copy is a complete solution for ripping, copying and backing up DVDs. Backup all your DVD video to your PC or DVD disks.
  • Disc Burner - burn data, audio, video and movies to CD or DVD disc.
Media Suite is now available for an incredibly low price - $59.99.

The trial (unregistered) version of SoundTaxi includes all features of (is equal to) SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip version, but has limitations for output file duration.

SoundTaxi Editions comparison table

ST comparison chart.jpg

'*' depends on your PC performance

Attention: you must be able to play your original files on your computer.

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