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In order to solve the issue would you be so kind to provide our 1StepDVDCopy Support Team with the following information to email 1stepdvd.support@soundtaxi.org

  • 1. What is the exact operation that you select in 1StepDVDCopy window?
  • 2. When you choose others (e.g. Save DVD to video files, Copy DVD to folder) - does it make any difference?
  • 3. What are the titles of the DVDs that you are experiencing problems with? What is their country of origin?
  • 4. What is your OS?
  • 5. Also in order to fix the problem occurred we need your System information, so our developers will be able to inspect the issue.

Please open 1StepDVDCopy working folder C:\Program Files\1StepDVDCopy and run SupportWizard.exe In Support Wizard window please select "Contact 1StepDVDCopy Support" and click "Continue" button. After that in the new window please activate all checkboxes (system information, crash reports, logs), enter your name, e-mail and a quick comment, and click "Send" button. In case you're unable to send System Information file automatically please find it saved on your desktop and attach it to the e-mail.

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