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Today MPEG-4 or MP4 has become one the most widely-used encoding video formats. Thanks to its compact file size MP4 is available on numerous mobile devices; this fact explains the format growing popularity. So converting videos to MP4 format you will be able to use it with any media player on your PC, iPhone, iPad, portable players and other digital items. That won’t be a problem to transfer MP4 video file on the gaming console like Xbox whether the platform and watch your favorite videos without any limits. Besides, MP4 is commonly used for uploading and streaming the video in the Net. In addition MPEG-4 video format will be a great solution for backing up your video collection, safeguarding it on your computer and making DVD copies. It will be helpful in case you can damage, scratch or lose the original copy.

How to convert videos to MP4 format?

SoundTaxi audio and video converter is the best solution for those who desire to convert their videos to MP4 format in an easy and prompt way. Follow the detailed guide on how to convert videos to mp4 format and obtain the best results in minutes after conversion started. You can learn more information about all program features and merits on SoundTaxi Official Website.

Step 1 Adjust Settings

Before starting the conversion process please adjust the conversion settings. For this purpose please open SoundTaxi Settings and find ‘Encoder for video files’. Now select the desired video size from the drop-down list. MP4 is compatible format for iPod, iPhone and iPad. So choose one of them and close Settings window by clicking on “OK” button.


Step 2 Open video files for conversion

You can open the files for conversion by clicking on ‘Select files’ button in the program window. Then choose the desired files and open them. If you you’re going to convert numerous video files, you’d better use drag&drop method. In this case just open the folder with video files, then select and drop them to the main program window.

Select files.jpg

In addition SoundTaxi provides automatic file conversion from folder. To enable this option please open SoundTaxi Settings, select the desired folder and mark ‘Convert files from this folder automatically’.

Folder conversion.jpg

Step 3 Start Conversion

Now you can start to convert your videos to MP4 format just clicking on ‘Convert’ button. Wait until the end of conversion and enjoy your MP4 videos on any mobile device.


Mind that you need SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip edition to convert video files.

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