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The speed of conversion depends on these factors:

  • SoundTaxi version you have.

Soundtaxi represented in 3 editions.

SoundTaxi Platinum is the basic edition of the program. This edition converts 2 files at the same time and has maximum audio conversion speed 6X.

St pl.jpg

SoundTaxi Professional and SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip do it much faster (Maximum number of simultaneous audio conversions is 16 and maximum audio conversion speed in batch mode is 50x).

St pro.jpg

Conversion speed of video files is is 1x-3x and they can be converted 1 file at a time.

St video.jpg

  • Your Computer configuration. The more powerful PC - the faster conversion you have.
  • The length and size of the original file and your output file settings. If it is small file - it will be converted faster, and if the file is big - longer.
  • The speed of conversion also depends on the file format of your original file. Note, SoundTaxi can convert .aax, .rax and .m4b (if m4b files can't be played with QuickTime Player) files only one by one (no matter what edition you have). And single conversion speed id 1x-3x.
  • If to convert the file one by one the speed of conversion depends on OS: XP: 3x, Vista/W7: 2x, W8: 1.5x
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