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SoundTaxi is specially designed for quick and comfortable video creating for your mobile phone. MPEG-4 (Motion Picture Experts Group) is a very popular and universal format for video. Virtually any mobile video device will play MPEG-4 video. Most phone manufacturer websites will give the spec on the handset so you'll be able to find out quite easily. After you have converted your files you can take videos on the go and enjoy the moving pictures and music any where you want.

Get the latest version of SoundTaxi

Please be sure you have the latest SoundTaxi version installed on your PC.

Recent versions always include important bug fixes, as well as audio and video profile optimizations.

Download the latest SoundTaxi

Select the correct output format

Almost all mobile phones support MPEG4 Video (MP4) files format. So if you want to convert video files to you phone compatible format, please open SoundTaxi settings and select "iPod/iPhone/iPad Video (MP4) H.264 with original picture size@ from the drop-down list (Settings->Ecoder for video files). You can also set "Compression Quality" to "High Quality", since almost all phone hardware can handle such video without issues. After the appropriate file format is selected, close the settings by clicking "OK" and run the conversion.

Soundtaxi galaxy s3 profile.png

Add converted video files to your pnone

Once you have converted your video with SoundTaxi and the appropriate conversion profile, you can just copy the files directly to your phone. Make sure your phone is connected to your computer as a "Media Device" (MTP). Your converted files are stored (by default) in the folder set as "Output Folder" (see SoundTaxi settings), e.g. C:\Converted. You can copy them to your phone manually using Windows Explorer.

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