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AVI files may come from various sources and in various sizes. A full length AVI movie with large bitrate and resolution can take up gigabytes of harddrive space and might be too much for your device's CPU. For this and other reasons, you may want to shrink AVI files to a more reasonable size. SoundTaxi is a great tool for shrinking AVI since it provides many bitrate presets for customizing to the output size you need without sacrificing quality.

Get the latest version of SoundTaxi

Install the latest version of SoundTaxi from out official web-site. Download it from here. The latest version includes up to date conversion profile which ensure best output quality and smallest output size.

Select the output video format

Go to SoundTaxi settings and select one of the presets under "Encoder for video files" sub-section that start with "DivX Video..." - conversion profiles for AVI files. "DivX Video for mobile (320x240)" is the optimal format to shrink your AVIs for use on mobile phones or other portable devices. "DivX Video for TV (640x480)" is the format for shrinking AVIs for use on standard TVs (non High Definition models). If you have a HD TV or want to achieve the best quality possible,- select "DivX Video with original resolution".

You can also customize "Compression Quality" for each of the above presets based on your requirements for output quality / size.

How to shrink AVI.png

Locate your AVI files

When the conversion process is completed, your AVIs will be saved in a new shrinked format according to your customized settings. You can locate the converted file by right clicking it to see it in Windows Explorer.

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