I can't download a video. What should I do?

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Sometimes the video gets saved in your browser cache and therefore RipTiger cannot capture it. Clean your browser cache, turn RipTiger off and then back on. RipTiger should be able to download the video now. Also please try to download video using different browsers (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox). Note please, you must first launch RipTiger and only after this open your browser then go to the certain page with the video.

If you still can't download the video the solution depends on your OS and browser version you use.

  • Windows 7, 8/ IE 9, 10:
  1. Could you please open RipTiger Settings window and check the box "Enable advanced ripping", then please press Ok and reboot your PC.
  2. Please launch RipTiger
  3. Launch IE 9
  4. Go to the certain page
  5. Press "Start Recording" button

If "Start Recording" button has not appeared, please create the New Tab in IE and go to the page again. Sometimes RipTager can't catch the needed data at once.

Hulu.com issues

  • In order to record video from Hulu you need to enable Advanced video ripping in RipTiger Settings and use Internet Explorer as your browser software.

You can find more information regarding how to download video with RipTiger (including the PDF file) on our official website Keep in mind that Advanced Video Ripping option is available in RipTiger Ultimate edition only.

I can download only advertisement, not actual video from Hulu.com

  • Sometimes you need to reload page for 2-3 times. "Allow stealing video streams..." option in RipTiger Settings window should be active.
  • If it fails:
  1. Could you please open RipTiger Settings window and uncheck the box "Allow stealing video streams..."
  2. Launch Internet Explorer
  3. Please try to download the video using Advanced Ripping option.

I have tried all the steps suggested in this article, but still can't downlod the video. What should i do?

We would be very much appreciated if you could provide us with the following information in order to fix the problem occurred, so our developers will be able to inspect the issue.

  1. What exact browser version (if it is IE, tell us the version number please) did you use to download the video? Could you please try to download the video with the other browsers. Inform us please about the results.
  2. Does the problem occurs when you are trying to download videos from other websites?
  3. What is your OS.
  4. Could you please send us the screenshot of the RipTiger Settings window
  5. Please send us the direct link to that video. If for some reason it's not possible, please let us kindly know what website the video is hosted on.
  6. Please open RipTiger working folder C:\Program Files\RipTiger and run SupportWizard.exe

In Support Wizard window please select "Contact RipTiger Support" and click "Continue" button. After that in the new window please activate all checkboxes (system information, crash reports, logs), enter your name, e-mail and a quick comment, and click "Send" button. In case you're unable to send System Information file automatically please find it saved on your desktop and attach it to the e-mail.

Please send this information to our Support team and we will be happy to work with you to resolve this issue in a timely manner.

  • RipTiger Support email: support@riptiger.com

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