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There are some tips that may be helpful for speeding up conversion:

  1. The issue you experience may have been caused by high CPU usage level during conversion. Please open your Windows Task Manager and check CPU usage level while converting your files. It should be much lower than 100%. We strongly recommend against running any tasks that are demanding in terms of CPU or disk usage during conversion because this may affect the speed of conversion. So it would be much better not to run other programs so that the resources won't be distributed. Thus please try shutting down all unnecessary applications running on your PC except SoundTaxi and start the conversion again.
  2. The higher parameter the source video has, resolution, frame rate, etc. the longer it takes to convert it.
  3. Single file conversion speed is 1x-3x. SoundTaxi Professional and Pro + Video Rip version can convert much faster in batch mode (when converting a couple of files at the same time - multiple conversion), i.e. SUMMARY speed may achieve 50X. So to speed up the conversion, please convert a couple of files at the same time (not one by one).

Batch processing is used for converting a number of files from one format to another at the same time (multiple conversion). SoundTaxi is based on the unique technology detecting the maximum possible number of audio files for simultaneous conversion. It gives you the ability to perform extremely fast conversions with up to 16 files at the same time! Thereby the converting speed may reach 50X in batch mode. Batch mode activates automatically.

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