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Where can I download SoundTaxi?

You can download the program from our Official Website by clicking on "Free trial" button.

Can I try the software before purchase?

Yes, we provide free trial version for downloading directly from our Website. We recommend to download, install, and test the trial version of SoundTaxi before making a purchase. SoundTaxi trial (unregistered) version has limitations. Audio conversion is limited to 90 sec and video conversion is limited to 3 min.

Do I need a license code to try the software?

You can try the software free trial version without a license code. It has 90 seconds conversion limitation for audio files and 3 minutes for video. Activated program will convert your files completely.

Can I use my SoundTaxi license code on multiple computers?

Please note, one license code can be activated only on one PC.

I did not receive my confirmation email/receipt email with my license code. What should I do?

Please check your spam and/or junk mail folders as the e-mail may have been sent there. If you are still unable to locate the e-mail you may contact our customer support team and will be able to re-send you the license code.

I lost my license code. What should I do?

If you lost your registration information with the license code, please try to recover it through our payment platforms.

You can recover Plimus reference number here: http://www.plimus.com/find_shopper_order.jsp

You can recover RegNow Order ID here: https://www.regnow.com/order_lookup.html

If you cannot get back your code, please contact us for help.

What if I want to move the program to another computer?

It's possible to switch the program to another computer. And it will be deactivated from your previous PC.

Does SoundTaxi license have an expiration date?

The license code does not have an expiration date.

How to upgrade my program to the latest version? Are software updates free?

We do offer free software updates. You need to remove the previous version and install the latest. You can download the latest version of the program from our site. Please use your license code for activation.

In case you haven't found the answer, please send your detailed problem description to support@soundtaxi.info. Please provide as much information as you can and we will assist you as quick as it's possible.

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