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How to select web radio stations?

The right pane of RadioGet (All Radio Stations) will search radio stations that broadcast music of the genre you specify. Select a genre from the drop-down list or enter a genre and press Search to find the top 25 stations that broadcast music of this particular genre. Right-clicking on a radio station will show the context menu for it. Here,you can add the radio station to favorites, mark it as junk, record and play it.

How to record web radio station?

You can start recording music off of a radio station by clicking on the red circle next to its title. Once recording has been started, clicking on this icon again will stop the recording.

Where can I find my downloaded music?

Press the Music Folder button on the left side of the main window to open the folder where mp3 files will be saved. You will find the mp3 files recorded by RadioGet in sub-folders according to artist names. All incomplete songs will be saved to the Incomplete Recordings subfolder.

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