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Digital Rights Management or DRM is a system that controls and limits the access to any digital copyrighted content you’ve purchased. DRM policies help the copyright owners to protect their intellectual property and stave off illegal distribution. What’s why such giant companies as Apple, Sony, BBC, Microsoft and Amazon prefer to use DRM. So purchasing music on Amazon or iStore you will face some restrictions in use. DRM digital locks can prevent you from copying, converting or transferring your audio files to different portable devices. As an example Apple offers you to buy the song that can be played back only on one authorized computer. To listen to this music composition on your iPod you will need to acquire one more license. In this article you will find the ways to overcome DRM protection of your purchased music preserving the digital rights management copyright agreement.

How to remove Digital Rights Management (DRM) from protected audio content?

To remove DRM protection from the purchased audio files you need to use the audio converting software. SoundTaxi media converter is the best solution for unprotecting any music or audio content in a legal and prompt way.

Please take into consideration that SoundTaxi converts only the legally purchased music files with valid licenses.

So, to unprotect your DRM audio files with SounbdTaxi please follow the step-by-step guide below.

Step 1 SoundTaxi Installation

First of all, you need to install SoundTaxi on your PC. To obtain the latest SoundTaxi version please follow this download link. Then go through the offered steps and finish the installation process. In general SoundTaxi installation takes one minute, not more. Now you can open the program by right-clicking SoundTaxi icon on your desktop.

SoundTaxi installation1.jpg

Step 2 Customize Settings

Before starting the conversion process please choose the desired output format for the protected audio files. First open SoundTaxi Settings and find ‘Encoder for audio files’. Here you will see the drop-down list that offers you to select one of unprotected audio formats including MP3, M4A (MPEG4 AAC) and WAV. Choose one of them and close Settings window by clicking on “OK” button.


Step 3 Start Conversion

After you’ve customized the settings, please add the protected audio files for conversion. You can add the files in two ways. First click on “Select files” button in the SoundTaxi program window, choose the files and open them. Secondly you can open the folder with desired audio items and drag & drop all the files to the main program window. Then start the conversion process by clicking on ‘Convert’ button.

St pro.jpg

In a few minutes you will be able to enjoy your purchased music or audiobooks on any digital device or computer you want. SoundTaxi makes the things easier for you.

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