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[4.5.4] 2014.07.31

Adjusted video/audio driver and GSService version

[4.5.3] 2014.07.24

Numerous fixes and improvements in RipTiger advanced ripping

Fixed Buy Button

[4.5.1] 2013.12.17

XP SP2 not supported anymore

Added Chrome Videorip (fullscreen)

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.5.0] 2013.11.23

Added Netflix Videorip (IE)

Improved page title detection

Improved and extended feedback statistics

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.9] 2013.10.25

Added usage feedback

Regular Analysis.dat updates

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.8] 2013.10.11

Fixed rare initialization race-condition caused by boost file system static linkage

Regular Analysis.dat updates

Optimized GUI performance and reduced CPU load

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.7] 2013.09.10

Updated YouTube scripts and added online update of Analysis.dat

Fixed Updater.exe crash upon exiting

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.6] 2013.07.30

Improved localizations

Updated YouTube scripts

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.5] 2013.06.18

Improved localizations

Added automatic GSService recovery

Added rtmp proxy

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.4] 2013.05.20

Added .wav conversion preset

Enabled Advanced Ripping for

Fixed bug of downloading MP4 video without sound

Improved localization support, added localization for hints texts

[4.4.3] 2013.03.29

Stability fix: improved advanced ripping module injection on W7 for IE9/IE10

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.2] 2013.03.14

Added new engine advanced ripping support for IE10 on Windows7

Reduced all installers' sizes at average 10%

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.1] 2013.02.14

Improved process injection techniques

Reduced CPU usage by GUI thread

Fixed numerous bugs related to MediaAgent.dll injection into IE, IE scrolling problem, RipTiger hanging on exit

Fixed incompatibility with aged Athlon CPUs

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.9] 2012.12.05

Added scripting support for RipTiger parsers and analysers

Fixed compatibility problem with certain antiviruses (Codejock API hooks problem)

Serious GSService revision and stability fixes

Serious revision and leak-fix for GDI drawing code

Numerous minor fixes and stability improvements

[4.3.8] 2012.06.11

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.7] 2012.04.26

Improved video capturing from Google Chrome

[4.3.6] 2012.04.18 (2012.04.06 RipTiger rc)

Numerous fixes in RipTiger for better support of rtmp streaming servers

Added 'no-cache' attribute for activation requests (proxy issues)

Numerous minor stability fixes and improvements

[4.3.5] 2012.02.20

Fixed smpt sending problem

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.3] 2012.01.24

Numerous stability (synchronisation) fixes in multithreading

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.2] 2011.12.20

Fixed 16-bit desktop color depth incompatibility

RipTiger extras updated to KL 8.0.0

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.1] 2011.11.30

Implemented RTMPE downloading

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.0] 2011.11.14

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.2.9] 2011.10.05

Numerous RipTiger fixes and improvements: better title assigning, added renaming during download, restart etc

RipTiger extras updated from v7.0 to v7.7

[4.2.8] 2011.09.21

Fixed IE9 crash caused by RipTiger MediaAgent

[4.2.7] 2011.09.02

Fixed MP4 audio-only format conversion. Added audio-stream-only detection for video containers (e.g. MP4, FLV)

Added VideoRip optimization on source video frame rate

YouTube fix

Updated KL MediaInfo used by Media Conversion engine to ver 0.7.48

Added video recordable streams detection to RipTiger 3.0.7

[4.2.4] 2011.07.29

Fixed .FLV conversion problems

Updated mencoder/mplayer/ffmpeg to latest snapshots

[4.2.0] 2011.03.22

Switched to VS2010

Switched to dynamic CRT/MFC in order to decrease installer size

Fixed RipTiger error when converting a ripped .wmv file

[4.1.7] 2011.02.02

Fixed installation of VAD on XP if unsigned drivers are 'blocked'

Fixed aspect ratio for video files converted from .tivo for 'original dimensions'

Added ability of recording videos from YouTube with RipTiger (for RTMPE)

[4.1.6] 2011.01.19

Fixed RipTiger videorecording on XP

[4.1.5] 2010.12.27

Fixed xxxSlv.exe crash in 'Vista R&R ...' compatibility mode

Added 'no audio data' explanation message when RipTiger is unable to start flash video recording (ripping) from IE

[4.1.4] 2010.12.06

Fixed automatic updates feature and SupportWizard

Fixed IE crash during RipTiger exit/off (MediaAgent.dll unload)

[4.1.0] RipTiger 2.8.8 2010.09.10

Fixed rare bug 'partly converted' because of 'error 109' at the end of conversion on slow PCs

[4.0.9] RipTiger 2.8.7 2010.09.01

Fixed wrong detection of RtmpUrlFinder and HookUrlFinder (RipTiger components) as trojans by Avira Free

[4.0.8] 2010.08.20

Fixed incorrect diagnostics of partly downloaded files as "succeeded" in RipTiger 2.8.5

[4.0.7] 2010.08.12

Minor fixes in RipTiger 2.8.4: removed duplicated prefixes; upgraded k-lite and winpcap; restored 'copy-to-ipod' button after conversion

[4.0.6] 2010.08.02

Fixed random videorip A/V synchronization issue. Added silence support to audio device and user-code

Numerous fixes in RipTiger 2.8.3. Switched to MediaProcessing. Added quality selector for output profile

[4.0.4] 2010.06.17

Lot of fixes in RipTiger 2.8.0 - major speed optimization during HULU recording, crash-fixes, fixed progress for huge files

[4.0.2] 2010.05.21

Detected and fixed incompatibility with F-Secure. Fixed 'WMP9 or higher required' sequence of the problem

R&R detection mechanism is now disabled by default

[4.0.1] 2010.04.28

Fixed ‘Installation Damaged’ problem on XP x64

Fixed ‘WMP 9.0 or higher required’ rare problem

Optimized ‘MP3 32kbit extremely low quality' preset for audiobooks

[4.0.0] 2010.04.13

Fixed YTR

Fixed rare ‘Installation Damaged’ problem

[3.9.9] 2010.03.22

Minor optimization for audio redirection on Vista/W7

Fixed YTR

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