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What is SoundTaxi Reward Club?

You deserve to be rewarded! You have already bought one of the SoundTaxi's products? Our congratulations! You are in SoundTaxi Reward Club now!

SoundTaxi Reward Club is a program that rewards loyal customers for their purchases.

All Members of club have access to lots of exclusive and special offers.

Membership Benefits

We're all about giving you that something extra.

  • The main benefit of joying SoundTaxi Reward Club is to receive a really huge discount for the next purchase. For example, if you've bought SoundTaxi you can receive RipTiger or 1StepDVDCopy with 50% discount.
  • If you enjoy our products and interested in more functionality, we also offer generous upgrade discounts. All our members are eligible for getting the new major version of the purchased product with special unique Upgrade Discount. You can upgrade from any version of SoundTaxi to the next version up.

And that's not all!

  • Also it is very advantageous to buy 2nd/3rd/etc copy of the program because you can receive a 50% discount. Еspecially if you want to that all of your family have our wonderful programs you adore.

Join SoundTaxi Reward Club now!

Don't miss great specials!

We value our customers and that is why we want to please them by giving them unique is our discounts, promotions, high quality and high-tech programs. We provide the best service for our customers and it is based on these factors: our extensive experience, teamwork and staff training, project management, and a professional system for handling our clients.

With amazing customers like you, we are constantly hearing feedback about all the reasons you love Soundtaxi and our other products.

Make your first purchase - visit our Official Website and choose one of SoundTaxi Editions that fits your needs most.

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