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[4.5.4] 2014.07.31 - Media Suite - Pro and Platinum versions

Adjusted video/audio driver and GSService version.

[4.5.3] 2014.07.24 - Media Suite - Pro and Platinum versions

Numerous fixes and improvements in RipTiger advanced ripping

Fixed Buy Button

[4.5.1] 2013.12.17 - Media Suite - Pro and Platinum versions

XP SP2 is not supported anymore

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.5.0] 2013.11.23

Improved and extended app usage feedback statistics

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.9] 2013.10.25

Improved RadioGet performance and stability - lots of changes

Added Analysis.dat auto-update feature

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.8] 2013.10.11

All products switched to boost 1_54. Fixed rare initialization race-condition caused by boost filesystem static linkage (made dynamic)

MediaBuddy, DiskBurner - switched to new topology-based MediaProcessing engine

Optimized GUI performance. Reduced CPU load caused by excessive progress-bar repainting (caused by Aero animation timers)

Fixed preview playback features

Fixed diagnostics for unsupported file types .aa/.aax

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.7] 2013.09.10 (09.07 RT and RT-site products)

Fixed .m4v rented movies conversion

Improved stability on exiting during conversion of video files with preview

Fixed Updater.exe crash on exiting

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.6] 2013.07.30

Improved localizations for all products

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.5] 2013.06.18

Improved localizations for all products

Added automatic GSService recovery if it was stopped and disabled for any reason

MediaBuddy GUI fixes and improvements

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.4] 2013.05.20

Fixed WMV conversion failure on W8

Updated search scripts

Added support for unicode paths of DVD folders

Improved localization support, added localization for hints texts

[4.4.3] 2013.03.29

Fixed wrong merging of multiple .m4v/.m4p/.aax files into one file when converted via iTunes

Improved stability of performance assessment during installation

Improved album search

Fixed .wmv support

Fixed MediaConverter edit preset dialog and restored hover-splitter cursor for ST preview pane

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.2] 2013.03.14

Reduced all installers sizes at average 10%

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.4.1] 2013.02.25

Added W8 XBox music support

Fixed .rax support (spoiled in v.4.3.9 by localization)

Improved support for iTunes music and video files. Fixed .m4v conversion problem

Fixed burner engine crash on XP (switched to another engine)

Optimized search threshold

Optimized products start-up and execution

Fixed incompatibility with aged CPUs

Added 15-seconds self-termination timeout on exit

Numerous minor fixes and improvements to all products

[4.4.0] 2013.01.09

SoundTaxi activation dialog changed to common application wizard. No need to restart ST after activation anymore

[4.3.9] 2012.12.05

Added scripting support for TuneGet parsers and analysers. TuneGet parsers are revised and updated

Fixed compatibility problem with certain antiviruses

Added complete external localization support

SoundTaxi modified to use GSService. No more dedicated SMServer required

Serious GSService revision and stability fixes, added auto-fixing of spoiled GSService registration on any GSService-dependent application startup

Fixed corrupt .mp4 video files created by trial version

Serious revision and leak-fix for GDI drawing code

Engines converted to .dlls

Improved support for W8 - fixed sound interruptions in converted protected audio files

Added more anaglyph modes and side-by-side modes to 3DVideoConverter and Player. Improved output movie quality

Numerous minor fixes and stability improvements

[4.3.8] 2012.06.11

Added taskbar progress for MediaBuddy

[4.3.7] 2012.04.26

Fixed driver signing problem

Fixed 1 conversion at a time limit on XP

[4.3.6] 2012.04.18

Fixed 3D player/converter .wmv conversion

Fixed 3D shift/depth support in 3D converter

Fixed A/V synchronization for .flv => .wmv conversion

Fixed CD burner feature in ST

Added 'no-cache' attribute for activation requests

Fixed TuneGet crash on a searched item being clicked for downloading

Numerous minor stability fixes and improvements

[4.3.5] 2012.02.20

Fixed smpt sending problem in SupportWizard

Minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.3] 2012.01.24

Numerous stability (synchronisation) fixes in multithreading

Improved .mts file support in MediaBuddy/SoundTaxi

1StepDVD Copy analysis fixes and speed-up

3DVideoPlayer DXVA is now managed by HWAcceleration registry value

Fixed DiskBurner crash on .iso creation

Fixed Japanese localization in SoundTaxi

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.2] 2011.12.20

More DiskBurner stability fixes - all engines are moved to separate process now

Fixed 16-bit desktop color depth incompatibility for all products

Added 3D shift/depth to 3D player. 3D converter installer includes 3D player and 3D converter shared those settings with the player

Noticeable speedup of file-opening by 3D player/converter. Reduced CPU usage during playback with 3D player

3D player/converter KL DLLs are updated to KL 8.0.0 LAV demuxer and auxiliary filters. Added ffdshow-tryout modules to be built with autobuilder (ffdshow Intel DXVA fix)

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.1] 2011.11.30

Implemented RTMPE downloading. Updater rtmpdump to latest snapshot and re-built under VC2010 with PolarSSL

Fixed ST compatibility with older versions of WindowBlinds (7.0)

Added DiskBurner stability fixes. DiskBurner switched to RipBurnLib with ability to select alternative burning engine on failure

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.3.0] 2011.11.14

Settled media tools versions (now 3.3.0)

Added _affidXXXXX setup suffix support for regnow products

1Step DVD fixes, updated libdvdnav

Updated dvdauthor for DiskBurner: may fix Magnavox and Sony DVD region issues reported by customers

3D Player/Converter watermark added and trial policy changed

3D Player/Converter file-opening speedup (2x). Added support for video-without-audio files

Numerous minor fixes and improvements

[4.2.9] 2011.10.05

Minor subtitle selection fixes for 'copy to file' mode and GUI optimizations in 1StepDVD Copy

Minor installer fixes

[4.2.8] 2011.09.21

Fixed subtitle selector in 1StepDVD for 'copy to file' mode

Fixed CD burner problem with mp3 duration/tags reading

Fixed aspect ratio detection for .mod videos

Fixed drag'n'drop problem when launched from the panel right after installation

1StepDVD and Suite installers switched to Inno Setup

Added minimal system check to all installers

More conversion threads allowed for h264 encoder

Fixed installers shortcuts for Suite products in startup menu. Added versions and publisher info for 'Add/Remove' cpl

[4.2.7] 2011.09.02

Fixed mp4 audio-only format conversion. Added audio-stream-only detection for video containers (e.g. mp4, flv)

Added VideoRip optimization on source video frame rate

YouTube parser fix for TuneGet

Minor stability fixes

Fixed .amr support in ST. Improved support of unprotected audio/video files

Updated KL MediaInfo used by MediaConversion engine to ver 0.7.48

Tweaked audio normalization for MediaBuddy/1StepDVD to avoid excessive loudness and audio distortion in converted files

Added video recordable streams detection

[4.2.5] 2011.08.02

Fixed h264 encoding in MediaBuddy and progress info for some presets

Minor fixes in TuneGet

Fixed auto update

Fixed TuneGet activation problem

[4.2.4] 2011.07.29

Fixed support for files larger than 2G on both input and output of all encoders

Up to twice improved conversion speed to DivX avi and iPod MPEG4

Fixed rare ST crash on 'Add files' when in trial mode

Fixed iTunes m4v videorip problem

Fixed hanging of TuneGet/RadioGet on heavy load, e.g. on 'Automatic recording' of 5-25 stations in RadioGet

Fixed youtube .flv conversion problems in all products

Updated mencoder/mplayer/ffmpeg to latest snapshots

[4.2.1] 2011.04.01

Fixed 1StepDVD Analysis problem

Fixed TuneGet youtube support

Reduced installers sizes from ~90M to ~67M

Added German localization to SoundTaxi

All products switched to shared GSService

[4.2.0] 2011.03.22

All products are switched to VS2010

Fixed rare ST activation crash

Fixed RipTiger error when converting a ripped .wmv file

Added French localization to SoundTaxi

MP3 encoder in ST updated

Fixed YouTubeRipper plugin

Added 'Send error report' right-click context menu to ST

[4.1.8] 2011.02.17

Added DiskBurner to ST Suite

[4.1.7] 2011.02.02

Fixed installation of VAD on XP if unsigned drivers are 'blocked'

Fixed aspect ratio for video files converted from .tivo for 'original dimensions'

Fixed jerky CUDA conversion in MediaBuddy

Updated TuneGet parsers

Added ability of recording videos from YouTube with RipTiger (for RTMPE)

Update RadioGet stations

Added stations autoupdate feature for RadioGet

[4.1.6] 2011.01.19

Added automatic deinterlacing on video conversion

Fixed aspect ratio for video files converted from .tivo

[4.1.5] 2010.12.27

Fixed xxxSlv.exe crash in 'Vista R&R ...' compatibility mode

Improved R&R problem logging when 'Avoid Vista R&R window' option is enabled

Fixed rare flickering

Fixed positioning ('seek' command) on audio files/cd tracks

Added CUDA encoding support to MediaBuddy

Removed 1024x768 videorip limitation for WMV

Fixed ST suite activation from inside ST

Reactivated automatic updates which were disabled on ver. 4.1.2

Fixed CUDA detection in MediaBuddy

[4.1.4] 2010.12.06

Fixed automatic updates feature and SupportWizard

Fixed x264 encoding multithreaded support (unpredictable output file size problem)

Fixed x264 quality selector and increased/optimized quality settings

Fixed ST videorip to WMV (error 105)

Fixed ST videorip support for newest iTunes (10.1)

Added R&R problem logging when 'Avoid Vista R&R window' option is enabled

[4.1.2] 2010.11.19

Changed packing settings. Noticeably reduced suite installers sizes (at 20-40%)

Fixed rare problem with .m4a conversion

[4.1.1] 2010.10.22

Numerous fixes and improvements

[4.1.0] 2010.09.10

Fixed rare bug 'partly converted' because of 'error 109' at the end of conversion on slow PCs

Improved 'use only trusted player' mode reliability

[4.0.9] 2010.09.01

Minor stability optimization for Vista RnR mode - added safe limit of simultaneous conversions (4)

Improved compatibility of activate.mht with XP IE8 and IE6

[4.0.8] 2010.08.20

Fixed faulty CRT dependency of Suite and RadioGet

Fixed incorrect diagnostics of partly downloaded files

[4.0.8] 2010.08.17

Fixed problem of some labels disappearing after app window resize

[4.0.7] 2010.08.12

Revised station list in RadioGet 1.3.9

Fixed minor CPU usage leak in ST Suite

Expanded and revised list of output video formats

Added 'custom...' preset

[4.0.6] 2010.08.02

Fixed random videorip A/V synchronization issue. Added silence support to audio device and user code.

Numerous fixes in RipTiger 2.8.3

Revised search engines in TuneGet 1.3.7

[4.0.4] 2010.06.17

Fixed multiple CD device support

Fixed crash during ST installation caused by third-party .dll injected into .exe which installs audio device

Added .mts to the list of extensions supported


Added VideoRip (no audio conversion) edition

[4.0.2] 2010.05.21

Detected and fixed incompatibility with F-Secure. Fixed 'WMP9 or higher required' sequence of the problem

Optimized conversion of .ra files

Changed behavior of first troubleshooting option. Now it limits CPU load at 50% and slows down conversion of each file to 1x speed. This may solve clicks and drops in converted files

[4.0.1] 2010.04.28

Improved crash handling and error reporting for ST (error -1). Added .part (for partly converted) and .error (for error log) files at output folder

Fixed ‘Installation Damaged’ problem on XP x64

Fixed support for problematic DVDs in 1StepDVD

Fixed ‘WMP 9.0 or higher required’ rare problem on W7

Optimized ‘MP3 32kbit extremely low quality' preset for audiobooks

[4.0.0] 2010.04.13

Fixed rare ‘Installation Damaged’ problem on x64

Removed uninstall icons for RipTiger, TuneGet

[3.9.9] 2010.03.22

Minor optimization for audio redirection on Vista/W7

Optimized videorip to WMV (Zune and PC WMV presets)

[3.9.8] 2010.02.18

Added monitoring and analysis of potential RnR problem causes

Added application compatibility flags cleanup during installation. Includes all files inside app folder and shared service

Optimized CPU usage control during conversion and added SafeMode flag for fiber auto control

[3.9.5] 2009.12.29

1StepDVDCopy - added IFO patching to remove region protection code

Added 'native' conversion (via mplayer) for .flac/.ogg....

[3.9.1] 2009.09.29

Fixed progress slider and progress status during DVD preview in DVDJoker

Fixed RipTiger and TuneGet collision during TuneGet search

[3.9.0] 2009.09.17

Fixed conversion of iTunes rented movies when WMP is running

Ripping engine adopted for new iTunes version 9

Added support of ST free edition and version checking (corresponding .phps are hidden so far)

Added uninstall icons for TuneGet/RipTiger/RadioGet in 'add/remove programs' window

[3.8.9] 2009.08.28

Added conversion for iTunes rented movies. As well now all .m4v files are always converted with iTunes firstly and with QuickTime only in case of iTunes failure

[3.8.8] 2009.08.14

Added DVDJoker to ST Media Suite for soundtaxi (lite and full versions)

[3.8.7] 2009.07.24

Minor fixes in activation/licensing dialog (links)

[3.8.6] 2009.06.30

Fixed audible .aax ripping under XP (via iTunes)

Added skinning for ST CD ripper

Changed overview/about .mht's

[3.8.5] 2009.05.28

Preserves system from entering sleep during conversion and from activating screensaver if a video item is queued for conversion (videorip)

[3.8.4] 2009.05.22

Fixed simple videorip mode on XP

Added audiorip by iTunes: always used for .aax and is troubleshooting option for .aa, .m4p, m4b (iTunes audio)

[3.8.3] 2009.05.06

Significantly improved videorip performance for HD video: - added additional user mode buffer for video mirror mode - added 'marker line' for videorip through GDI - PC wmv encoding presets switched to WMV7

Fixed problems (mencoder crash or hang) with video conversion/rip on dual-processor PC (threads=1 for CPU < 4, as in versions prior to 3.8.1)

Video driver is now installed 'on demand', i.e. on first attempt to rip video when not in 'simple videorip' mode

New installer doesn't require a reboot after deinstallation

[3.8.2] 2009.04.17

Video encoding settings are subdivided by groups of quality levels (like audio encoders)

Fixed complex glyphs support (Japanese, Chinese…) in MP3 tags and in/out file paths

Slightly optimized video conversion profiles for ‘original dimensions’ iPod/DivX presets – switched from average bitrate to quality(quantizer) level

[3.8.1] 2009.04.10

Added album art support

Yet more stability fixes for WMV encoder (fixed encoding profiles)

Added possibility to keep aspect ratio for video encoding (all but 320x240 presets)

More fixes for A/V synchronization (at the beginning of some files with delayed video)

Activated multi-threaded video encoding in mencoder (not noticeable speed-up so far)

[3.8.0] 2009.03.26

More stability fixes for WMV encoder

Added videorip to WMV

Improved A/V synchronization for simple videorip

Fixed videorip for odd-dimensioned .mpg/.wmv

[3.7.9] 2009.03.20

Stability fixes for WMV encoder

Added conversion of TiVo to WVM

Fixed unstable mplayer launching as embedded video player

[3.7.8] 2009.03.17

Fixed audible

Fixed WMV converter for non-fixed-framerate video (.asf or so)

Added WMA converter

Added WMV converter

[3.7.7] 2009.03.02

Fixed random crash on exit from TuneConvert

Fixed incomplete conversion of .aa files

Added .aax audible files as supported

Added skipping of several initial frames for GDI video capture - removes initial 'desktop' screenshot on Vista

Fixed unstable conversion of .m4v files

Added possibility to copy to iPhone/iPod HD

[3.7.6] 2009.02.26

Video preview opens only when X,Y of video are available

[3.7.5] 2009.02.24

Introduced WebVideoRip feature in TuneConvert ('surf'n'catch')

Added 'Original dimensions' video presets for iPod MPEG4 in videorip.ecf

'Minimize/Restore all windows' on videorip was replaced by shell Minimize/UndoMinimize

[3.7.2] 2009.01.30

Fixes X64 XP

Fixes rare crashes on app exit

[3.7.1] 2009.01.27

Fixes rare 'side-by-side configuration' problem

[3.7.0] 2009.01.21

Added ‘seek’ feature

Fixed x64 XP support

[3.6.5] 2008.11.11

Fixed crash on 16-bit display color mode

Fixed h264 video conversion to ipod (-lavf) with new synch option

[3.6.4] 2008.11.10

Updated mencoder/mplayer to svn_20081028 - adds h264 video support for YouTube

Several synchronization fixes (.asf, .wmv) and better compatibility with partly corrupt files in mencoder

[3.6.3] 2008.10.24

Added x64 support for XP/Vista to all products

Fixed GUI bug with non-client area under Vista x64

[3.6.2] 2008.10.22

Added x64 support for XP/Vista

[3.6.1] 2008.10.17

Removed flickering of video preview on resize

Minor GUI fixes for column autosizing

Changed skin

[3.5.9] 2008.10.16

Introduced Codejock skin

Added column auto sizing

Improved preview pane hide/show animation

[3.5.7] 2008.09.30

CDRipper recovered in installation

Better detection of problems with playback license (instead of ‘partly converted’ errors)

[3.5.5] 2008.09.18

Switched to user-mode protection

[3.5.4] 2008.09.12

Realtek HD audio fix

[3.5.3] 2008.09.10

Limits audio devices on XP when Realtek HD audio is detected

Fixed .ra direct reading for XP

[3.5.2] 2008.08.22

VideoRip under Vista switched to GDI grabbing engine by default

Added option to control VideoRip engine

[3.5.1] 2008.08.19

Reduced flickering on list-view redrawing

[3.5.0] 2008.08.14

Minor bug-fix/crash-fix for puppetee .exe (realplay, rhapsody.exe) on conversion completion

Introduced better ProcessingManager resource-control scheme, that correctly supports fallback to puppetee .exe when direct conversion is not possible (e.g. .ra without pnen3260.dll - RealPlayer not installed)

[3.4.9] 2008.08.08

Single virtual audio device with 16 (adjustable) logical devices was introduced

Minor bug-fix/crash-fix

Reduced list-view flickering

[3.4.8] 2008.07.30

Minor bug fix

[3.4.6] 2008.07.17

Fixed bug (random crash) in COM part of GetSystemCode. Was reproduced on XP SP3 with user-mode protection

Recovered MFC part and added support for Codejock skins

[3.4.5] 2008.06.04

Improved video playback positioning slider and fixed its appearance

[3.4.4] 2008.06.02

Recovered 'launch application' post-install

[3.4.3] 2008.05.30

Added an alternate videorip engine (GDI capture)

Edition info in title and performance rating in 'settings' dialog

Revised resource strings and dialogues

Anticrack fixes

[3.4.2] 2008.04.17

Recovered 24-bit support (after detaching encoders to helper_exe)

Recovered fps for wmv/asf direct encoding (after updating mencoder from 1.0rc1)

[3.4.1] 2008.04.11

Fixes .m4a error (pipe has been ended) in demo

Fixes .rax tags

Video player preview doesn't cause switching to 'vista basic GUI mode'

[3.4.0] 2008.04.09

Updated lame to version 3.98b7 (from 2008.04.06)

Updated faac to version 1.27 - no problems with america.wav encoding anymore. Some faac presets made VBR

Updated mencoder/mplayer to ver 2.7. gcc 3.4.5

Added wmv9 encoder for Zune

Improved speed assessment on install

Added demo limitation support to helper_exe (SoundTaxiHelper)

[3.3.3] 2008.03.13

MP3 and AAC encoders moved to helper_exe - fixed random rare crash during conversion

Platinum version is still limited to 2 conversion, but works like pro with autodetection

Updated help

[3.3.2] 2008.02.21

Vista R&R fix made disabled by default, cause it crashed main.exe randomly

[3.3.1] 2008.02.18

Added tivo decoding for direct TiVo rip

[3.2.0] 2007.12.27

VideoRip version now converts regular videos as well

Fixed few videorip issues, added video mirror synchronization (DrawEscape)

[3.1.10] 2007.12.27

Online update implemented for albums list in CDRipper

CDBurner, CDRipper are allowed just for professional version

[3.1.9] 2007.12.24

MasterBuild improved for CDBurner support

[3.1.8] 2007.12.11

New skin added

Improved VideoRip (disable screensaver, buffer auto-adjustment)

[3.1.7] 2007.12.06

R&R Installer fix for Vista - same IWMPlayer instance can be reused for consequent playback

Better detection of audible .aa playback completion

CDBurner added

[3.1.6] 2007.11.21

Vista installation bug appeared and fixed

The wmv-files bug was constrained with GDI memory used size limitation - fixed

[3.1.5] 2007.11.16

Fixed iTunes error

Fixed audible error on lengthy books

Silent installation on Vista (no driver confirm dialogue)

Improved stability of pro version - auto detection of fibers and conversion time fiber control

[3.1.4] 2007.11.09

New skin added

[3.1.3] 2007.10.29

Allowed to load skin from file

[3.1.2] 2007.10.26

VideoPreview default location is bottom part of skins with 2 list boxes;

Play is prohibited for non-converted items under converting or queued for conversion

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