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There are many practical reasons for wanting to split audio off a video file. Either you want to makes a song from a music video, convert a video to a podcast, or save the audio for other purposes, SoundTaxi can get the job done quickly and easily. This feature will work no matter which format your original videos are in - .WMV, .AVI, .MP4, FLV, and many other can be converted to MP3 or AAC / M4A.

If the video you want to split audio from is located on YouTube, you may first need to download it using a software product like RipTiger. Otherwise, if the source video is located on your PC, you can proceed to the following simple steps.

Get the latest version of SoundTaxi

Update to the latest version of SoundTaxi from out official web-site, to ensure best performance. Download it from here. Latest versions are always better optimized and include bug fixes which eliminate potential issues.

Select the needed output audio format

Open SoundTaxi settings and select the format in which you would like to save the audio from your source video file in the "Encoder for video files" sub-section. You can select "MP3 - MPEG Layer-3 Audio" for best compatibility with any device and also, great compression, which results in small output file while retaining original quality. Alternatively, you can select "AAC MPEG4 Audio", which may be better suited for Apple devices, like iPods, iPhones, iPads and also for importing into iTunes library.

You can additionally adjust "Compression Quality" based on your needs for sounds quality / output size.

Split audio off video.png

Locate and transfer the output audio files

After you finish converting videos to the output format we specified in the previous section, the audio will be split off from the video and stored in the SoundTaxi output folder. You can right click the file in SoundTaxi and select "Locate converted file" to find it in Windows Explorer.

From there, you can listen to the audio files on your PC or transfer them to one of your devices.

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