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Note, Audio / Video converting operation are quite intensive and usually require more CPU / RAM (memory) than regular computer usage. Therefore: the more powerful computer you have got - the faster conversion would be. Our developers team spent dozens of hours optimizing the code to make sure our software works as fast as possible to save your time and grant you with pleasure from using SoundTaxi and other our products.

One of the most annoying problems about video conversion is its low speed, when it takes much longer to convert movie than to watch it. Ideally video conversion should take minimum time and effort and at the same time provide quality output results. Yet in practice we often face the fact that conversion of an average two-hour movie can take us two or even three times as much as its actual duration is. But even users with powerful computers and appropriate hardware can face the above-mentioned troubles with video conversion if the conversion software they are using doesn't let them use their high performance capabilities at full scale. Users try to solve this issue with the help of GPU computing using such technologies as NVidia CUDA Optimization, ATI stream transcoding, Intel CPU Optimization. But you should note that in order to use these technologies you need to have a proper video card.

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