The encoder has generated no data for this file

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Why do I receive "The encoder has generated no data for this file" error?

This error may be caused by different reasons. The file was converting but there were no end results.

How to fix "The encoder has generated no data for this file" error?

  • First of all, please be sure you have the latest SoundTaxi version installed.
  • Please check if you can play your original files with Windows Media Player / QuickTime Player / iTunes / Real Player (depending on the file type) on your PC. If you can do this, SoundTaxi should be able to convert them successfully.
  • Also you can try to move the Troubleshoot slider (in SoundTaxi Settings) to certain position, close the settings by clicking "OK" and run the conversion again. You can try the 4 troubleshooting levels step-by-step to see if any of them fix the problem.
  • In case the problem persists, please generate log files for troubleshooting and send us your original DRM-protected file and corresponding .error file from output folder (usually C:\Converted).

Please see Support#How do I generate log files for troubleshooting? See also SoundTaxi Support Wizard

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