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In order to update the program to the latest version please follow the next steps:

1. You need to uninstall the product version you have installed on your PC:

  • Please open the "Program files" folder: С:\Program Files
  • 2. Find there the "SoundTaxi" folder and opnen it: С:\Program Files\SoundTaxi
  • 3. Click on unins000.exe (in your SoundTaxi working folder) then reboot.


  • Please click on "Start" bottom and find "Settings" and choose "Control Panel"
  • Click on 'Add/Remove programs' then find SoundTaxi there ('Programs and Features' in Vista/W7) and try to uninstall it from there, even if it was manually deleted from C:\Program Files

2. Please reboot your PC and install the latest version. You can download the latest version of the program from our Official Website. The old license code is valid for the new version.

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