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Do you offer upgrades from a lower to a higher SoundTaxi edition?

All current customers of SoundTaxi Software are eligible for getting the new major version of the purchased product with special Upgrade Discount. You can upgrade from any version of SoundTaxi to the next version up.

What upgrade options do you have?

  • upgrade from Soundtaxi Platinum to Professional/Pro+videoRip/Media Suite edition.
  • upgrade from SoundTaxi Professional to Pro+videoRip/Media Suite edition.
  • upgrade from Soundtaxi Pro+videoRip to SoundTaxi Media Suite edition.

How much do upgrades cost?

Upgade discount from SoundTaxi Platinum edition to any higher edition is $15.00 (off the standard price specified on our website).

From SoundTaxi Professional edition - $20.00

Upgade discount from SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip to SoudnTaxi Media Suite edition is $35.00

How do I receive upgrade discount?

Please fill in our Upgrade Form and our support team will be happy to send you your special unique link to upgrade.

Do you offer discounts on the 2nd copy of the program?

Yes, we do offer 50% discount (off the standard price specified on our website) on the second license of SoundTaxi.

Please contact our support team, provide them with your current order id/reference number and get your huge discount.

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