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What are the hardware requirements for 3D Video Player?

The hardware requirements for 3D Video Converter/3D Video Player are: 

Intel® Core™2 Duo or AMD Athlon™ X2 CPU or higher,

Microsoft® Windows® Vista 32/64-bit or Windows 7 32/64-bit, 

1GB of system memory (2GB is recommended)

What are the software requirements for 3D Video Player?

The software requirements for 3D Video Converter/3D Video Player are: Dedicated Graphics Processing Unit (e.g. NVIDIA® GeForce® GPUs), 100 MB free disk space, Any LCD or CRT display and a pair of Anaglyph (red-cyan) 3D glasses.

How to enable 3D mode in my 3D Video Player?

To start watching your video file in 3D mode simply click on the button "3D" in the bottom right of the program's interface. The button "3D" lights up and 3D mode is activated, your video file is playing back in red-blue anaglyph 3D format. Put on anaglyph 3D glasses and see the magic of 3D!

I've started the playback of my video in 3D Video Player, but don't see any 3D effect. Why?

Please check if you have switched on 3D mode in your 3D Video Player (the "3D" button in the right bottom should be lighted, if not - click on it to enable 3D mode).  Also don't forget to put on your anaglyph red-cyan 3D glasses! They serve as filters for your eyes to see 3D effect of the converted anaglyph red-blue video.

What kind of 3D glasses do I need to watch videos in 3D Video Player?

To see 3D effect of the videos converted while playing back in 3D Video Player you need to put on anaglyph red-cyan 3D glasses.

What file formats does the Player support in 3D?:

Anaglyph, Anaglyph

True, Anaglyph Grey

Side by Side

Side by Side (Half-Width)

Top and Bottom, Top and Bottom (Half-Width)

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