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How to fix Error with Diagnostic Code: 103

First of all, please be sure you have the latest SoundTaxi version installed. You can download the latest SoundTaxi version from this link: http://www.soundtaxi.info/_dwnld2/SoundTaxi.exe

Please check if you can play your original files with Windows Media Player / QuickTime Player / iTunes / Real Player (depending on the file type) on your PC. If you can do this, SoundTaxi should be able to convert them successfully. In case the problem persists, please try to move the Troubleshoot slider (in SoundTaxi Settings) to certain position, close the settings by clicking "OK" and run the conversion again. You can try the 4 troubleshooting levels step-by-step to see if any of them fix the problem.

If the problem will stay, please contact to support team - support@soundtaxi.info.

Please provide information from SoundTaxi working folder C:\Program Files\SoundTaxi and run SupportWizard.exe In Support Wizard window select "Contact SoundTaxi Support" and click "Continue" button. In the new window please activate all checkboxes (system information, crash reports, logs), enter your name, e-mail and a quick comment, then click on the "Send" button.

Also, you can contact to our support using form from this link: http://www.soundtaxi.info/support_area_form.php

We will assist you as quick as it's possible.

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