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Welcome to SoundTaxi!

SoundTaxi is the most powerful, fast and really easy audio and video converter!

What is SoundTaxi?

How to...

Our Policies

Our other Wonderful Programs
  • RipTiger - download online video and TV
  • TuneGet - download free mp3s
  • RadioGet - listen to and record internet radio
  • 1Step DVD Copy is a complete solution for ripping, copying and backing up DVDs. Backup all your DVD video to your PC or DVD disks.
  • Disc Burner - burn data, audio, video and movies to CD or DVD disc.
  • Media Buddy - fast audio and video converter
  • 3D Video Converter - convert regular 2D videos to anaglyph red cyan 3D format
  • 3D Video Player - watch any movie or video in HQ red cyan 3D format on-the-go simply by activating anaglyph 3D mode
  • iBackuper - backup, restore and manage media files on your iPod or iPhone

SoundTaxi Official Website

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