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YouTube is a video sharing website where users can upload, view and share video clips. SoundTaxi allows to convert and save YouTube videos to your PC in a format, that is compatible with your video playing device (iPod/iPad, Zune, mobile phone etc.)

SoundTaxi supports MP4 and AVI as output formats for video conversion. You can select a desired output format and video size in SoundTaxi settings by choosing a suitable encoder for video files.

SoundTaxi YouTube Ripper is installed as a plug-in for Internet Explorer. To convert and save the desired video clip, click “Rip YouTube File” button on Internet Explorer main toolbar or in Tools menu. Firstly the video will be downloaded to the temporary folder. The download process will be visible in Internet Explorer window. After that SoundTaxi will start automatically to convert and save the video to your PC. After conversion finishes, your converted files will be stored in the output folder set in SoundTaxi Settings.

Please note that you need SoundTaxi Pro+VideoRip edition activated to convert video files completely. If you are running the trial (unregistered) version, you still have the possibility to save 3 minutes of YouTube video to PC.

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